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DPW Forms

  1. Adopt-A-Street Application

    Adopt-A-Street is a volunteer program which encourages local groups, Scout Troops, business and civic organizations, churches,... More…

  2. Application for Bulk Water
  3. Doggie Station Donation/ Sponsorship Form
  4. Erosion Control
  5. Park and Sports Facilities Rental Application
  6. Report a Pothole

    Report a Pothole

  7. Report an Overgrown/Fallen City Tree

    Report an Overgrown/Fallen City Tree

  8. Report Noxious Weeds

    Report Noxious Weeds 10.02(6)

  9. Street Opening and Right-of-Way Permit Application
  10. Traffic Sign/Improvement Request Form
  1. Adopt-A-Street Clean-Up Report

    Adopt-A-Street participants must fill out and submit a Clean-Up Report after every completed pick-up. Thank you for helping to keep the... More…

  2. Daily Weed Cutter Report
  3. Downtown Directional Sign Application
  4. Hydrant Water Use Application
  5. Report a Dead Animal

    Report a Dead Animal

  6. Report a Street Light Out

    Report a Street Light Out

  7. Report Damage to a Mailbox from a City Plow

    Report damage from a City Plow to your Mailbox.

  8. Right-of-Way Tree Request Form
  9. Temporary Sign Permit Application
  10. Wood Chip Request Form