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Extension of Premise - Liquor License

  1. Extension of Premise
    Please fill out all items below. Extensions must go to the Common Council for approval. Depending on the time of year, this can take up to 30 days. Have your application in well ahead of the time you wish to extend your premise. Payment must be received in order to be placed on the agenda.
  2. What type of extension are you looking for?*
    Cost: $25.00
  3. This field is pulled from the application and will go right on the permit.
  4. Acknowledgement
    By submitting this permit, I understand it needs to be approved by the Common Council. I also understand it will not be placed on the agenda until I have submitted payment. I will not be able to sell alcohol until this permit has been approved and sent to me with the new description. If the DOR visits my establishment and I do not have the new permit up, I maybe subject to a fine.
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