How can I obtain information about what is happening at the City?

You can sign up for the Notify Me - in the upper right of the main screen. This will enable you to be notified via email or text whenever a meeting or special item has been posted. You can opt out of this service at any time - this option is free. You can also check out our Facebook page where we post the quick reminders, happenings, or other comments - this option is free. We have a YouTube channel where we host our Common Council meetings live and our Plan Commission meetings after they have concluded - this option is free. We also have Cable Channel 25 - for those of you who subscribe and pay for the service. You can watch Common Council and Plan Commission meetings stream in between the slides of information. Common Council is M/W/F at noon and 7pm. Plan Commission is S/T/Th/Sa at noon and 7pm.

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1. How can I obtain information about what is happening at the City?
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