Joint Review Board (TID4)


The Joint Review Board meets on an as needed basis annually. 

Agendas and Minutes


  • Andrew Thelke, Waukesha County
  • Jane Kittel, Waukesha County Technical College
  • John Stellmacher, Kettle Moraine School District
  • Joseph Greenspan, Citizen Member
  • Tom Hafner, City Administrator 

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About the Joint Review Board

Members of the Joint Review Board (JRB) represent a taxing jurisdiction (municipal, county, school, technical college) have the responsibility to approve, deny or amend a Tax Incremental District (TID). If the JRB approves the TID, it viewed or heard convincing evidence of the vital need for TIF assistance to make this development a reality. The JRB jurisdictions are agreeing to sacrifice some amount of tax revenue for many years into the future.

The Project Plan for the Creation of Tax Incremental District No. 4 dated June 12, 2012 may be viewed here.

Annual TID Reports are available for review here.