Community Development Authority


The Community Development Authority meets on an as needed basis. 

Agendas and Minutes

About the CDA

Pursuant to Section 66.1335 Wisconsin Statutes (i.e the “Community Development Authority Law”),the CDA was created as a “corporate body politic” authorized to transact business and exercise any and all powers, duties and functions defined for housing and redevelopment authorities by this statute and related sections of Chapter 66 as amended from time to time.The purpose of the CDA is to eliminate or prevent substandard, deteriorated, unsanitary, and blighted areas within the City; provide and retain gainful employment opportunities for citizens of the City; provide affordable housing in the City; encourage growth of the City’s tax base; and stimulate the flow of investment capital into the City resultant beneficial effects upon the economy in the City.


The Community Development Authority is made up of the City Clerk, 2 Common Council members, and 4 citizen members. The Citizens are on a staggered 4-year term, the rest are 1-year terms. 

  • Danielle Henry, District 1 Alderperson
  • Wayne Dehn,  District 4 Alderperson
  • Molly Schneider, Clerk
  • Garrett Herzberg, Citizen Member
  • Jeannine Sawall, Citizen Member
  • Gail Straub, Citizen Member
  • Vacant, Citizen Member
  • Vacant, Alternate Citizen Member

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