Property Taxes

Tax Amount Determination

The city's annual budget, as approved by the Common Council, determines the amount of property taxes you pay to the city each year. If you are a home, business, or property owner, you will pay your property taxes in annual or semi-annual installments. Even if you are a tenant, a portion of your rent will go towards paying the property taxes on the building in which you reside.


Factors that influence the amount of property taxes you pay include:
  • City budgeted revenues and expenditures
  • Public and vocational schools
  • Waukesha County


Property tax can be calculated by using the following equation:
  • Property Tax = (Assessed Property Value x Property Tax Rate) ÷ 1,000
Please note that, if applicable, other charges, such as local improvement charges (i.e., sewer connection fees or special assessments) may be added to the tax bill. 
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