Board of Review

More information can be found at the Clerk’s Open Book and Board of Review webpage.

The Board of Review (BOR) meets annually to hear any objections from property owners regarding their property assessments. Regardless of whether the assessment roll is complete, the BOR must hold an initial meeting during the 45-day period following the fourth Monday in April. If the assessment roll is not complete, the first BOR meeting will be a brief meeting to adjourn to a date certain, at which time the BOR will resume the meeting. The first full BOR meeting will be in session for a minimum of two hours. 

Prior to the Board of Review meeting for their first full meeting, the Assessor will deliver the assessment roll to the City of Delafield, at which point the assessment roll will be open for review. As part of this process, property owners will have the opportunity to discuss their property tax assessment with the assessor. This is known as Open Book and the assessor's attendance of Open Book will be for a minimum of two hours. In years where there are significant changes to property assessments, the Open Book process is expected to take several days. 

Visit the Department of Revenue's Board of Review website for the most up to date forms and information, including the current year's DOR Guide for Property Owners.

For information on previous years' proceedings, go the the BOR Agendas and Minutes


The Board of Review is made up of The Mayor, 1 Common Council member, 5 Citizens, and 2 Alternates with staggered terms.  

  • Kent Attwell, Mayor
  • Tim Aicher, District 7 Alderman
  • Ken Beckman, Citizen Member
  • Craig Heinze, Citizen Member
  • Jeannine Sawall, Citizen Member
  • Tom Wolfenberger, Citizen Member
  • Louise Crowley, Citizen Member
  • Paul Price, Alternate
  • Elise Murn, Alternate

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