Online Payments

You can now pay for more things online with a minimal convenience fee. Use the links below to make a payment on your items. 

PLC # a002zg, City of Delafield, WI- Ticket/Citations:

examples: Any monies owed to the City of Delafield Police Department or Municipal Court Clerk

PLC # a002zh, City of Delafield, WI- Miscellaneous:

examples: Fish Hatchery Rental Fees, Park or Pavilion Rental Fees, Wood Chips, Bleeker Street Passes (If an item isn't listed specifically in the drop down, choose other and then make a note of what you are paying for.)

PLC # a002zi, City of Delafield, WI- Utility Payments:

examples:  Sewer and Stormwater Utility Bills

PLC # a0040u, City of Delafield, WI- Meeting Fees:

examples:  Plan Commission applications for Boat House, Certified Survey Map, Conditional Use Public Hearings, Extraterritorial Certified Survey Map, Final Plats, Permanent Signs, Preliminary Plats, Public Works Committee Application, Site Plan and Appearance Review, Special Exception, Zoning/Comprehensive Plan Amendment, Zoning Board of Appeals

PLC # a0040V, City of Delafield, WI- Licenses and Permits 

examples:  Bartender License, Liquor License, Dog License, Erosion Control Permit, Event Permit, Firework Permit, Peddler/Transient Merchant Permit, Sign-Temporary Permit, Street Opening/Right of Way Permit, Bulk/Water Hydrant Permits

If you are not interested in paying with a credit card and would like to have your utility bill automatically taken from your checking account, please use the ACH Form

If you are looking to pay property taxes specifically, visit the Property Tax Page.