Traffic Monitoring

The City of Delafield, Villages of Hartland and Chenequa all purchased a speed monitoring trailer together. The agencies share the use of this trailer in the spring, summer and fall. The trailer is used to remind drivers what the speed limit is, and to show them just how fast they are going utilizing radar and a digital display on the trailer.
Traffic Monitoring Speed Limit Sign

Portable Radar Signs

The department has obtained two portable radar signs that can be deployed anywhere in the city.  They were purchased in 2016 and are primarily intended to supplement physical patrols of traffic at local schools by uniformed officers.  Both signs indicate the speed of approaching traffic with a visual signal in miles per hour.  Speeds in excess of the posted limit flash.  Each sign also contains software that will track the amount of traffic and speeds to help direct enforcement action by uniformed officers.

Extra Radar Suggestions
If you feel there is a place where extra radar enforcement is needed, contact our department at 262-646-6240.