Major Investigation Unit (MIU)

The MIU (Major Investigation Unit) was formed in the spring of 2002 as a cooperative effort between the City of Delafield, Village of Hartland and Village of Chenequa Police Departments. The purpose of this unit's formation is to provide a resource member departments could utilize in case of a significant investigation which could otherwise overwhelm their individual abilities to conduct it. Since its inception, it has been used successfully in a large burglary, several suspicious sudden death investigations and a homicide.

Originally, each department was to contribute to a shared joint budget and 4 officers who would develop skills in four different areas: investigator, evidence technician, accident reconstruction and photography. Delafield added 2additional members in 2002, with plans to add other specialists in the future.
In mid-2002 a trailer was purchased with funds from a grant through the Office of Justice Assistance. This trailer, which is pictured to the right, is used at crime scenes to provide equipment necessary at the scene. The trailer can also be used as a "command post" at the scene.
Major Investigation Unit Trailer