Online Voter Registration

Click & Mail

Click and Mail allows eligible Wisconsin voters to register to vote using the Voter Public Access (VPA) website.

How It Works
Voters answer a series of questions to gather their voter registration information, and Click and Mail generates neatly typed GAB-131 form that the voter can mail in or drop off at their municipal clerk’s office, or at their polling place on Election Day along with proper Proof of Residence document.  Click here to view the list of acceptable Proof of Residency documents.   

Click and Mail will give the voter the correct instructions on how to submit their voter registration form which includes how and what to include for Proof of Residency.   

The voter registration information the voter enters into Click and Mail is sent to the Statewide Voter Registration System (SVRS) as a pending voter application, which the clerk simply processes once they receive the signed paper form and proper Proof of Residence document. You can use this same website to check your absentee ballot status or to see who your elected officials are.