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Planning and Development Application

  1. Planning and Development Application
    Welcome to the City of Delafield Planning and Development Application. We understand this is a LOT of information. We encourage you to reach out to us using the information below to aid in the application process. There are many moving parts to all of this: legal, fire & rescue, building inspection, planning, engineering, etc. This form allows us to keep all of those things tracked for your benefit. The more complete you are - the better we can serve you.
  2. Plan Commission meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month at 7:00PM at City Hall in the Council Chambers unless otherwise noted. Applicants MUST be in attendance at the meeting or action WILL NOT be taken by the Plan Commission. Please contact City Planner Amy Barrows 414-949-8991 or If you are required to go to Public Works Committee, 8 PAPER COPIES of your full submission will be required. Otherwise, one paper copy for the City Hall is needed for their records.
  3. Acknowledgement*
    I understand if I do not adhere to the deadline, my application will be placed on the next available agenda. If the City's third party planner, engineer, or building inspector have changes I need to make - this may also push my submittal to the next available agenda depending on how quickly I can make the changes, submit the new full material, have it reviewed by the third party, and have the third party or myself give it to the City for the meeting.
  4. This is how we will refer to the project. All documents will have this name in the title. Payments submitted should have this in the memo/notes.
  5. What are you applying for?*
    *****If you are unsure what to check, please contact the City Planner.***** BPO is on a separate application.
  6. Contact Information
  7. Property Owner Information
    The property owner must approve the project you are submitting for prior to approval.
  8. Applicant's Information
    Leave blank if the applicant and owner are the same person.
  9. Include Suite/Unit, City, State, Zip
  10. Include Suite/Unit, City, State, Zip
  11. Required Documents
  12. Please upload your completed application materials using the checklists linked below to be placed on the next available agenda. Do not submit password protected or locked files. Additional review may require changes to be made. This may delay the submittal to the next available meeting.
  13. Please upload your completed PSRA. Form more information about the reimbursement agreement, please copy and paste this link:
  14. Payment and How Much Do I Owe?
    Fees are located in parenthesis after the checked item in the list. Example: If you are submitting a Permanent Sign Application ($175), and a Site Plan ($150). Your total is $325.00.
  15. Payment Information
    Payment must be received in full by the submission deadline for your application to be considered complete. Once you have determined how much you owe for your submission, you may pay by cash, check, or credit card payment. To pay by credit card, copy and paste the following URL into your address bar: Please note, there is a convenience fee. To pay by cash or check, you may stop in to Delafield City Hall during our normal business hours which are Monday through Friday from 8:00AM until 4:30PM. Checks should be written out to “City of Delafield.” If you are not available during these hours, we do have a night drop located at the City Hall Entrance on the east side of the building, or you can mail a check to: City of Delafield 500 Genesee St Delafield, WI 53018.
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