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Traffic Sign/Improvement Request Form

  1. Traffic Sign/Improvement Request Form
    The City has established a traffic staff to review all traffic signage and modification requests that are submitted to the City. The traffic staff performs the initial review of the request and forwards a recommendation to the Public Works Committee (PWC). The PWC then either recommends action to the Public Works Staff or if a sign is a regulatory sign, recommends action to the Common Council.
  2. The traffic staff relies heavily on the “Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)” to provide guidance with regard to signage and traffic control. More signs is not necessarily the proper way to achieve an outcome. Over signage can become a distraction and also can cause motorists to ignore the traffic signs. The MUTCD provides criteria and warrants to justify the placement of signs. The traffic staff will analyze each sign request with the understanding that these need to be warrants to justify installation of new signs. Warrants, State Statutes, City Ordinance, over-signage, cost of installation, and maintenance all need to be considered before a new sign should be installed.
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