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Temporary Liquor License (Picnic)


    The license cannot be completed until the police have completed the background check, the Common Council has approved the license, and the payment of the $10 fee has been made. Note: if there are any outstanding invoices due to the City or the County, you may not be approved until those invoices are paid in full. You can make a credit card payment online via a link on the submission confirmation page or checks can be mailed to the Clerk's office at 500 Genesee St. Delafield, WI 53018. You can always pay by cash, check, or credit card in person. No publication is required.

  2. One application per event.

  3. This organization is applying for:*

    An organization is allowed by State law to have a maximum of 2 temporary wine licenses per year.

  4. Organization Information

  5. the person in charge of the affair

  6. Our Organization is

  7. If the named organization is not required to hold a Wisconsin Seller's permit pursuant to s.77.54(7m), check this box.

  8. (1) Bona fide clubs that have been in existence for at least 6 months prior to the date of application. (2) State, county, or local fair associations, or agricultural societies. (3) Church, lodge, or society that has been in existence for at least 6 months prior to the date of application. (4) Posts now or hereafter established of ex-servicemen’s organizations.

  9. Location of Premises Where Beer and/or Wine Will Be Sold:

    Describe fully all premises covered under this application, which floor or floors, or room or rooms, license is to cover.

  10. Declaration

    The Officer(s) of the organization, individually and together, declare under penalties of law that the information provided in this application is true and correct to the best of their knowledge and belief. The Officer(s) have given express permission for the applicant to apply for this permit on the organization and their behalf.


    By submitting this document, you acknowledge the following: I understand I must pay the agent fee in full. I understand I can have no outstanding bills with the City of Delafield and possibly Waukesha County. I understand the agent information is sent to the Police Department for a background check, a legal notice for the license is placed in the paper, and the Common Council must approve the license application before the Clerk can send me my license.

  12. No paper licenses will be mailed out except upon written request. Licenses must be displayed and be visible from the point of sale.

  13. Restrictions

    (1) License may not be issued to individuals. (2) Licenses to organizations, other than ex-servicemen’s organizations, can be issued only for a picnic or similar gathering. They may not be issued for business or social meetings of the organization. (3) Licenses for club or organization meetings may be issued only to ex-servicemen’s posts. (4) License may cover either a specified area or the entire picnic grounds. (5) License issued to a county or district fair must cover the entire fairground (ss. 125.26(6) and 125.51(10), Wis. Stats.) (6) No license to clubs having any indebtedness to any wholesaler for more than 15 days for beer (s. 125.33(7), Wis. Stats.) and 30 days for wine (s. 125.69(4)(b), Wis. Stats.) (7) Licensed operator(s) must be present at all times (ss. 125.26(6), 125.32(2) - Beer; 125.51(10), 125.68(2) - Wine; 125.17) (8) The licensed club, club members, or any other persons are not permitted to possess intoxicating liquor on licensed premises on the Temporary Class “B”/”Class B” licensed picnic area. (s. 125.32(6), Wis. Stats.) (9) Not more than 2 wine licenses may be issued to any club, county or local fair association, agricultural association, church, lodge, society or veterans' post in any 12 month period. (10) Licensed organizations must purchase their product from a licensed wholesaler. NOTE: Most coolers presently on the market have a fermented malt beverage base allowing sale under a beer license, e.g. Bartles and James, Seagrams, etc.

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