Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Plan

City Of Delafield Public Works Committee Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Implementation Plan

Recently the City of Delafield adopted the “Park and Recreation Strategic Plan 2020-2024.” Chapter 4 of the Park and Recreation Committee’s plan is dedicated to “Trails, Paths, Routes and Connectors.” The plan outlines both the existing facilities and future corridors and will serve as a planning tool for the development of this Bicycle and Pedestrian Facilities Implementation Plan.

This plan aims to provide the City with a comprehensive approach towards providing safe, efficient and connected facilities for bicycle and pedestrian travels. Strong consideration will be given to trails that provide access to downtown and neighborhood connectivity while utilizing meandering paths to maintain a rural and semi-rural environment. The implementation process will involve public input, prioritization and budget development. Finally, the Public Works Committee will make recommendations to the Common Council for approvals to proceed with the design/construction process. The Public Works Committee will review and update the implementation plan on an annual basis.