2040 Comprehensive Plan Resident Survey

Thank you for participating in our community survey. Your input will contribute to the collective data and be used to measure the opinions, concerns, and suggestions of participating Delafield residents like you.

 To access the survey:

1)      Send an email to: DelafieldSurvey@gmail.com

2)      Include your address in the subject line 

3)      You will receive a return email within twelve hours

4)      The email will contain a Control Number and a direct link

5)      Access the survey via the link and enter the Control Number

6)      Plan on about 30 minutes to complete the survey

These measures are implemented to ensure survey integrity and garner accurate data. Any personal information will be redacted from the public record.

You are also invited to participate in a Community Planning Session:
Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers.

PLAN to PLAN !!!