A Right-of-Way Tree Request

A request for a tree to be planted in the City of Delafield right-of-way may be made by a property owner or a resident of the City of Delafield of the property where the tree is to be planted.

​The cutoff date to receive a tree the following spring is October 1st. The requests will be limited to one tree per property annually.

​The number and species of trees planted in a given year will depend on funds available to purchase and plant trees, available nursery stock, the City Staff’s availability and the City Forester’s discretion in order to maintain what is in the best interest of the City.

​Please refer to the City Forester for a recommendation on type of tree and site location. Approval by the City Forester is required for specific species/cultivar of tree. The City Forester will do an onsite evaluation and possibly utilize Diggers Hotline for planning purposes. Trees will be planted as close to the outside edge of the right-of-way as possible. The City Forester may decide that a tree should not be planted in a case by case basis.

Once a tree is planted, you must water the tree weekly with 10 to 20 gallons of water for a period of one year. If you received an evergreen it is good to water until the ground is frozen. If you are unable to water the tree for any reason, please contact the City Forester at 262-646-6225 ext 4806.

City of Delafield Right of Way Tree Request Form

​Recommended Tree List