Tree Board


  • As of 6/10/2019 - the Tree Board will begin their meetings at 5:30PM before the Park & Rec meeting. 
  • Quarterly, prior to the Park & Recreation Commission meeting
  • City Hall Council Chambers

Agendas & Minutes

About the Tree Board

The Tree Board:

  • Is required to meet the Arbor Day Foundation’s Tree City USA standards.  
  • The Park & Recreation Commission shall also serve as the City's Tree Board and shall be charged with developing and administering a comprehensive tree management program.  
  • The Commission shall be responsible for writing and implementing an annual community forestry work plan.  The Commission shall also have all powers and duties enumerated in SS 27.09 Wis. Stats

Visit the Forestry page for information on the Five-Year Tree Planting Plan and other tree-related information.


The Tree Board is made up of the same people as the Park & Recreation Commission. Terms remain the same as well. 

  • Gloria Trinastic, Citizen Member
  • Mark Schaefer, District 2 Alderperson
  • Dan Cahalane, Chairperson, Citizen Member
  • Thomas Schlaefer, Citizen Member
  • Sherrie Flemming, Vice Chairperson
  • Tim Turnock, Citizen Member
  • Leslie Donavan, Secretary

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