1. 2030 Comprehensive Plan (Smart Growth)

    Download and view the 2030 Comprehensive (Smart Growth) Plan.

  2. 5-Year Park & Recreation Plan

    Review the 5-Year Park and Recreation Plan.

  3. Channel 25 Schedule

    Stay up to date on the meetings scheduled for Channel 25.

  4. Codes, Ordinances & Resolutions

    Browse through the Municipal Code.

  5. Current Road Projects

    Learn about road projects and street closings.

  6. Financial Documents

    View a variety of financial documents.

  7. Floodplain Changes

    Check out the recent changes to the floodplain.

  8. Meeting Calendar

    Participate in upcoming meetings.

  9. Newsletters (Communicator)

    View the municipality's quarterly newsletter.

  10. Police Alerts

    Stay up to date on emergency and community notices.

  11. Public Notices

    Access public notices sent out by the city.

  12. Wards & Polling Locations

    Find out which district you reside in.

  13. Zoning Map

    Review a map of zoning locations.