Plan Commission

  1. Tim Aicher

    Alderperson D7

  1. Kent Attwell

    Mayor/Presiding Officer

  1. Dan Cahalane

    P&R Rep (Chairperson or Designee)

  1. Mike Hausman

    LWC Rep (Chairperson or Designee)

  1. Dan Jashinsky

    Citizen Member

  1. Scott Krienke

    Citizen Member

  1. Edward Marek

    Citizen Member

  1. Laura Schult

    Citizen Member


  • 7:00 p.m.
  • Last Wednesday of every month
  • City Hall Council Chambers

Agendas and Minutes

If you would like to serve on a Board, Committee, or Commission - please fill out an interest form. Common Council is on the application in case there is a vacancy and the Common Council would need to fill the position prior to the next election.

Public Hearing Information

About the Commission

The Plan Commission shall consist of the mayor, who shall be its presiding officer, 1 alderperson, and 6 citizen members. The chairperson or designee of the Lake Welfare Committee and Park and Recreation Commission, shall be appointed as citizen members together with 4 additional citizen members. The Plan Commission shall at all times consist of 8 members. Members shall for cause be removable by the City Council. The Plan Commission reviews and make decisions on business plans of operation, certified survey maps, plats, zoning and ordinance changes.

View or download the 2030 Comprehensive Plan (Smart Growth).

For more information about starting a project that may go to the Plan Commission, please visit our Planning and Community Development page.


We refer to the Wisconsin Center of Land Use Plan Commission publication currently found here: