Board of Review

NEW for 2021!
Aside from the normal publication and notices which will still be used, the City of Delafield has created a Notify Me for people who only want to know when the BOR date has been chosen and what it is. Sign up through Notify Me in the upper right of the homepage today!


The Board of Review is split up into 3 sections: the first section meets the State Statute of meeting during a 45-day window. This will be noticed at the "Board of Review - Notice to Adjourn to a Later Date". We hold a 1 minute meeting to adjourn until our 3rd party assessor has informed us that the assessment roll has been completed. The second section is Open Book. Our 3rd party assessor sees residents, by appointment only, during a specific time to hopefully come to an agreement on the assessed value of the resident's or business' value. The last part is the actual Board of Review. Anyone who was not able to come to an agreement with the assessor will file the correct paperwork with the City Clerk and come to the mandatory 2 hour Board of Review Hearing. 

Visit the Department of Revenue's Board of Review website for the most up to date forms and information.

Agendas and Minutes


The Board of Review is made up of The Mayor, 1 Common Council member, 5 Citizens, and 2 Alternates with staggered terms.  

  • Kent Attwell, Mayor
  • Wayne Dehn, District 4 Alderman
  • Susie MAR Thompson, Citizen Member
  • Craig Heinze, Citizen Member
  • Jeannine Sawall, Citizen Member
  • Thomas Wolfenberger, Citizen Member
  • Louise Crowley, Citizen Member
  • Jim Behrend, Alternate
  • Tracy Murn, Alternate

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More information can be found at the Clerk’s Open Book and Board of Review webpage.