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  • For 2023, The City of Delafield will be offering a yard waste dumpster. The yard waste dumpster will be located at, and will operate during the same hours as, the City Brush Drop-Off Site. 
  • Used oil and oil filters are accepted behind the Public Safety Building.
  • No items, plants, trees, fences, etc. should be placed in the right of way. Any item placed in the right of way may be removed at the owners expense for things like mowing, ditch work, clearing, tree trimming, etc.

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Wood Chips

Available Starting April 2

The Department of Public Works delivers wood chips to City of Delafield residents. Wood chips are also available at the brush drop-off site during regular site hours.

View or download the wood chip delivery form. Forms should be returned to City Hall with the designated fee. You may also submit your request via the online wood chip request form. Payment must be received before requests will be processed.

Brush Pickup


There is a City-wide Brush Pickup twice per year. 

To ensure the collection of their brush piles, residents will need to have their piles properly placed prior to the start date of the Spring and Fall Collections.  Brush shall be piled at the edge of the road, with the cut ends toward the road. In order to maintain an efficient collection operation, Crews will not be dispatched back to a neighborhood to collect debris piles that were not out during the Crews’ initial pass of the collection operation of that area. 

Properly placed debris piles shall consist of woody vegetative material less than twenty-four inches in diameter and no more than eight feet in length. Debris piles can include brush, tree limbs, and tree trunks that are cut to meet the dimensional requirements, indicated above. Examples of items that are not acceptable and will not be picked up includes: grass clippings, leaves, yard and garden debris, dirt, rocks, root balls, scrap wood, sawn lumber, plywood, building materials, bricks, concrete, garbage, and recyclables.

Please see the images below to view examples of acceptable piles and non-acceptable piles for collection.  A debris pile that is in an undesirable location and/or stacked in an undesirable fashion, creates a considerable slowdown in efficiency for the Brush Collection Crew.  Cutting wood in to firewood length does not help with the efficiency of the collection process, due to the method of the debris collection process, utilized by the Brush Collection Crew. Please use the link below, to view the video of the brush collection process.

For questions, please contact the DPW @ 262.646.6225, thank you.

City of Delafield DPW Brush Collection Process

Acceptable Piles

Acceptable Pile pic2

Unacceptable Piles

Non-acceptable  Pile pic1 AM

Brush Drop-off Site Schedule

The operating schedule for the City’s brush drop-off site will be as follows:

  • January through March - Closed
  • April through September - Open on the first & third Saturday of each month
  • October and November - Open on the second Saturday of each month
  • December - Closed

The site is schedule to be open from 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on each of the days it is open. The entrance to the brush drop-off site is located at 218 North Cushing Park Road.


Volunteers Needed for Brush Drop-off Site

The City remains in need of additional volunteers to help support the operation of the brush drop-off site.    

The current brush drop-off site, located near the 200 block of North Cushing Park Road, opened in September of 2006 and was intended to be staffed exclusively by volunteers.   Residents that utilize the brush drop-off site are strongly encouraged to show their support of this service by volunteering for at least a shift per year.  Volunteers are needed to make this program a success.  The City sincerely thanks those people who have stepped up and volunteered in the past to make this program successful.

If you are interested in meeting new people, sharing in conversation and ensuring that that City’s brush collection site is operated in an environmentally responsible manner, then this is the volunteer opportunity for you.  The duties would include unlocking the gate to open the facility, checking identification and requiring sign-in, monitoring the material being dropped off and locking up at closing time.  The City will provide brief orientation training for this position.   Whether you would be available to work once a month or once a year, your contribution would be greatly appreciated.   

If you are interested in participating in this volunteer opportunity, please contact Paul Zellner, Public Works Foreman, at or (262) 303-4627.  Be sure to include your name, address, daytime telephone number, email address and a brief message indicating your interest in this volunteer opportunity and details regarding your availability.  

Thank you for considering this opportunity to share your time, energy and talents.